"Limitless self-expression" Annual project 2022

For me personally, the last annual project of my studies revolved around the theme "Limitless self-expression". For this, I was allowed to develop an outfit for self-expression from deadstock materials from Swiss companies such as Le Coupon, Forster Rohner AG and Freitag. The main task was to create a three-piece look and to include the jeans trousers from Freitag in a new and creative way.

Limitless self expression Outfit from deadstock fabrics

Diversity "The perfectly imperfect jacket"

Diversity is wich what cannot be controlled or influence. Nature is diversity, art is diverity, we are diversity. Under this motto, a unique blazer was created based on the specifications of another examination paper for my studies. I have now completet the second year of my studies and am locking forward to start another year.

I look forward to sharing more projects with you here.


The power of craft   "The embroidery Jacket"

As part of the annual project of my school, I was allowed to create this beautiful jacket from Swiss linen and silk. The inspiration for the design was the vein of nature, which can be seen in the form of hand embroidery on the model.

The project "The power of craft" is a collaboration between STF and Jelmoli. My design can be admired at the Jelmoli department store in Zurich from March 5.-28. 2022. The voting for the Best Designs, which should be included in the production for a collection, also runs until then.

I am happy about every single vote!

The embroidery Jacket Swiss linen and silk lightweight summer jacket

Upcycling outift for photoshooting

These artworks were created out of passion for fashion and creativity or because of a school project from my studies as a fashion designer.

On request, I am very happy to lend these outfits for events or photo shoots.
I look forward to your requests.

School project fashion photography Upcycling outfit made from old advertising banners.