The spring / summer collection "daydreamer" could not describe my feelings better, the longing for the sea,

the infinite expanse, the wind in my hair and the sun's rays on my face...

Every single piece of this collection is unique, made by me personally. The label Alexandra Jasmin stands for "slowfashion".

This means that I do not have the materials in stock and it is not possible to recreate the model from the exact same fabric.

On request, I will gladly take your orders and help you with the appropriate sizes and fabric selection.

the florid Maxi cotton dress with lace details.
the flimsy Light wide cut cotton dress.
the bouffant Velvet tulle dress with lace applied by hand.
the uncongested Viscose dress with tulle ruffles.
the cushy Viscose dress with lace applied by hand.
the enchanting Viscose top with lace applied by hand.
the captivating Bermuda shorts made from cotton.
the irresistible Cotton bra top with lace applied by hand.
the canvas Culottes made from cotton.
the eclectic Cotton blouse with tulle.
the vast Ruffled tulle skirt with faux leather.
the lucid Skirt and top made form lace applied by hand.
the brilliancy Jacket dress with zipper.